Expansion Bellows

As professional suppliers of expansion bellows, we have years of extensive industry experience in manufacturing and shipping movement joints. In fact, we provide these essential components for all types of bridge joinery projects and fitting jobs. As you know, movement joints are designed to safely absorb heat-induced expansion and contraction of construction materials.  

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They also hold parts together, while absorbing vibration and even allow movement due to earthquakes or ground settlements. We manufacture movement joints for buildings and bridges, along with sideways, railway tracks and piping systems. One phone call or e-mail also gets you essential movement joints for piping systems, ships and other structures and components.

Expansion bellows offers timely solutions thermal, vibration, and noise concerns. In fact, these metallic cylinders have high corrugation, and are able to withstand high-temperature applications. As suppliers of expansion bellows, we feature a full range of bellows designed to meet your needs. This includes bellows for building faces, concrete slabs and pipelines that expand and contract due to seasonal variations.

Movement joint gaps are essential for preventing cracks and other mishaps in structures that are continuously under stress. However, it is best to check our inventory page for joints and bellows that meet your exact specifications and needs.

Expansion Bellows - Rubber

bellows that are rubber are sphere-like components that provide optimal movement. They are also designed to absorb vibration, and are usually used in pump and equipment connections. Bellows that are rubber are a cost-effective alternative to metallic units. However, these components freely rotate metal flanges and tapped holes for user-friendly installation. As suppliers of expansion bellows, we are proud to feature a wide array of rubber joints, materials and accessories in stock.

Whether for industrial, constructional or even design and architectural use -- these joints are designed with formidability and durability in mind .This means they will last for years to come and will always meet your desired results.

The Benefits 

Rubber or metallic joints are widely utilized across a myriad of industries. This includes HVAC, along with plumbing, building, constructional design and more. You will also find these components at most industrial plants across the nation and world. In a nutshell rubber joints relieve movement issues -- along with reducing noise and isolating vibration. They are especially used by toll and road agencies to compensate for misalignments on highways, bridges and tunnels. This goes to show how tough and sturdy movement joints are -- and why they continue to soar in global popularity and importance. As your expert providers and suppliers, we list hundreds of joints at our online store for your convenience.

We also have detailed product listings to meet your specific demands and measurements. From heat-resistant to maximum pressure, each item may differ in some features and settings. Still, they are an essential way to bridge the gap between large and small pipes. Most rubber joints are also fitted with high-strength fabric elastomers, as well as reinforced metal rings. For more information, simply contact us today or visit our store and get the expander joints and accessories you need today!